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PostSubject: About The Guild Vault   Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:54 am

Our Guild Vault (GV) is at the moment made of 5 tabs : First tab is for level 80 items, Second tab for Cloth, Leatherworking and Herbs, Third tab is for Mining, Fourth tab is for Enchanting and Gems, Fifth tab is made for Special items. All Guildies can view the GV but only officers have the ability to withdraw from it.
The withdraw from the GV is directly linked to your current rank :
1. Slave Worker : Has no access to the GV for the time he is demoted for
2. Blood Avenger : No access to first tab, can withdraw a total of 3 items for the week
3. Acolyte : Access to all the GV, can withdraw 5 items for the week
4. Titan : Access to all te GV, can withdraw 6 items for the week
5. Close to God : Access to all te GV, can withdraw 7 items for the week
6. Demigod : Access to all the GV, can withdraw 10 items for the week
To be able to take an item from the GV, you must trade something with the same value in exchange not in Gold, but in mats. Mats will be given to the officer who will deposit them in the GV.
P.S :
Each Officer who withdraws something for a member should send a mail to Eliemakhlouf telling him what he gave him, and so has to do the member to who the item/s was/were given to him.
The Officer Note tells if the member of the guild has registered to the forum, if he didn't he will not be able to us the GV before his account will be confirmed.
The Officer Note will be used to tell how many items each player has, it can only be seen by officer. The officer has to check the Officer note before giving any player anything.
Each week resets on Monday
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About The Guild Vault
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